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Community Policing: Start Here

Resources for CP research, including media, books,databases, web sites

What is included in this guide

Community Policing or Community Oriented policing covers initiatives in small, medium, and large law enforcement agencies that transcend historical law enforcement structures and functions. Community Policing initiatives may include school/agency cooperation, Neighborhood Watch, and specific crime prevention programs for districts with the goal of enhanced communication, understanding, and cooperation between community members and police agencies.

Books on Community Policing

Books related to community policing in the US.

Find Articles

Database resources with relevant Community Policing content.

Community Policing Media

DVD and streaming resources on Community Policing.

Police Agencies

Federal, state, and local agency information.

Agency Statistical Information

Statistics related to agencies and Community Policing.

Police Integrity

Guidelines for police ethics.

IACP Ethics Toolkit

Specific toolkit for ethics management.

Community Policing Cases and Analysis

Cases related to Community Policing.


Relevant websites for research on Community Policing/

Citing Sources

Citation information.


Smart Policing Initiative

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